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The Importance of Technical Training in Developing the Business Sector

The Importance of Technical Training in Developing the Business Sector

With the fast paced growth in the software and hardware technology sector, companies and institutions will have to cope with the vast progress through providing its employees with the necessary technical training to improve their performance, and through adopting new practices to develop more competitive businesses. Technical training should be tailored to the set of skills required at the company or organization.    

Continuous technical training is crucial for any organization to improve the technical competence of its employees. Professionally trained employees can assist the management and propose new ways to develop their companies' operations at a lesser cost or provide new and more competitive services. Employees also prefer to work at organizations, which provide continuous training programs to develop their capabilities. Through offering competent technical training, organizations maintain their employees and attract qualified employees from other organizations. Technical training is also important for any organization to apply a new technical system, which would require tailored professional training for its staff to enable them to operate such a system; otherwise, they would fail to benefit from the upgraded technical capabilities, and would feel frustrated and might look for job opportunities elsewhere.  

Technical training companies give trainees short-term specialized professional certificates, but many of these companies lack the practical aspect and others do not offer their courses in Arabic, which would constitute a language barrier for some non- English speaking employees. Operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Global Knowledge provides practical technical training programs in both Arabic and English. Realizing the importance of training and development of individuals and governmental companies and agencies, Global Knowledge has offered training courses to employees of several Saudi governmental agencies, such as ARAMCO Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Interior’s National Information Center, the Ministry of Education, the National Guards, in addition to other governmental authorities.

Global Knowledge in KSA has offered 200 technical programs, in cooperation with more than 28 global IT developing and manufacturing companies, to more than 4800 trainees, who work for several companies in KSA, with an average of 43 sessions daily for a whole year. Global Knowledge has offered more than 4000 training courses and several professional certificates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the past six years. It has also provided training for more than 25000 employees and administrators and contributed to the development and success of 1500 companies.

Global Knowledge training courses cover several topics, such as cloud computing, networks and virtual network management, audio-visual communications, routing and switching, desktop applications, services applications, operating systems, storage, cyber security, telecommunications networks, databases management and development, servers, data centers design and management, virtual infrastructure, leadership skills, and enterprise management.  

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

According to the company's studies in the KSA, the most in-demand courses are information technology infrastructure library (ITIL), Cisco networking (especially CCNA certificates), Microsoft products and services, VMWare for virtual environment, IBM software and hardware, certified ethical hacking (CEH), Amazon web services, Red Hat operating system, Symantec digital security systems, Brocade storage and networking systems, Oracle databases, Avaya systems, Juniper Networks, and others.