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IT and OT Converge for operational excellence in the IOT world

Do the benefits of IOT justify the Organisational Change and Skills Development required?

The Internet of Things (IoT) delivers a world where everything is connected through IT to improve efficiencies of services and organisations, with Manufacturing and Transportation industries leading the charge. With these traditional "connected industries" built on Operational Technologies (OT), utilising execution systems and with comprehensive supply chains - IoT promises highly adaptable, high production systems integrated with customers and suppliers.

Traditional OT systems have been typically separate from IT due to the specific requirements of real time execution and environmental challenges, forcing the need for differing lines of business management to exist with, historically, little sharing of business requirements and investment strategies. However with the rapid improvements in infrastructure and embedded intelligence throughout the network, the opportunity for IT and OT to converge is technically available forcing business leaders to now unite strategies.

However we must remain mindful that all of this comes with a variety of risks, for example, Securing IoT for a converged IT and OT infrastructure must be understood and addressed early for organisations adopting this change.

It's not just about making sure the technology integrates; there is a significant requirement to address the skills and cultural aspects of all personnel impacted. Similar to the convergence of Voice and Data there is a question to be answered as to who, IT or OT personnel, will take the lead with IT already experienced in the management and implementation of advanced governance systems this group would appear to be the lead choice but, there would be a fundamental shift in the knowledge of IT staff to understand OT systems and how these integrate with infrastructure and central IT management systems. This doesn't however exclude the OT architects and administrators being able to step up to the change.

To achieve a successful integrated environment will require a significant and clearly defined change management strategy that can only happen when the senior management fully commit. Senior Management must adapt the organisational structure and converge business imperatives that traditionally have been addressed in isolation, therefore creating a single business strategy for the Internet of Things…

Fundamentally, the Internet of Things will bring strong benefits to enterprises such as cost and risk reduction as well as improved performance and efficiencies, achieved only through a more capable workforce to address today's customer demands.

As the world's leading IoT Change Management and competence development company and as Cisco's largest Specialised and Advanced Technology Learning Partner, Global Knowledge is proud to deliver leading edge IoT training. These education solutions include the new Cisco CCNA Industrial/ IoT Certification  designed to build the skills required to converge industrial plant floor with IT infrastructure. Through our broad customer relationships the IoT team at Global Knowledge has experience of working with organisations who are both providing IoT Solutions and consuming IoT within the working environment. Global Knowledge recognises that adopting IoT is more than just a simple training activity of individuals and the requirement for holistic business change is an imperative for success. Global Knowledge can be contacted to guide organisations through the adoption of IoT.