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How Secure is your Organisation?

There is hardly a week that goes by without the announcement that another organisation has been targeted by hackers. Unfortunately, this is not a trend that is likely to go into decline anytime soon, in fact quite the opposite.

Technology researchers such as Gartner are all predicting that the worldwide spending on information security will continue to grow at approximately 8% year on year with data loss prevention being the fastest growing segment. The knock on effect of increased cyberattacks is the growth in the information security business, with many organisations looking to use external firms that specialise in data protection and security risk management.

So, if you are still trying to decide on which career path to take in technology, then Security is an excellent choice, as your knowledge and skills are likely to not easily become redundant as more and more services evolve to the cloud.

Global Knowledge has been in IT training for many years and information security is a major focus for Global Knowledge, showing our commitment to provide all kinds of organisations worldwide, no matter what size, the relevant knowledge and skills to protect their assets against cyber criminals.

Our information security focus covers a wide variety of areas, including Asset Protection, Threat Management, Access Control, Incident Management, Configuration Management and Contingency Planning. As the Cisco Global Learning Partner of the Year, Global Knowledge is leading with the new 2 day training focusing on the latest features of the Cisco ISE 1.3 platform.

We are the premier learning partner for the developing of IT security skills and offer a robust security curriculum ranging from novice to expert. Couple this with premium content, expert instruction and training for every learning style and flexible budget options and you'll see why you shouldn't wait any longer to start your security journey. Contact us today and work together with us to develop a learning plan to best meet your needs for today's and for future technology innovations.