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Microsoft Azure Quick Lift Program


Don't Be Overlooked and Boost Your Azure Skills

We understand how businesses and technologies are changing in a rapid speed and yet organizations that are incurrent with today's trends will be overlooked and their employees will become unworkmanlike. Microsoft Azure, the world's most known hybrid cloud platform, is providing newly evolved ways for organizations to effectively manage their IT environments at reduced risks with greater efficiency.

The hybrid cloud infrastructure on Azure presents short set-up times, low infrastructure costs, scalable datacenter capacity and finally, ease to replicating the production testing. According to Microsoft, "only Microsoft can deliver a unified hybrid platform that works across on-premises, partners, and public clouds, and enables you to realize the benefits of the cloud without boxing you in".

In collaboration with Microsoft, Global Knowledge is offering a unique certification-based Azure courses that aim at certifying the IT Professionals looking for a world-class certification, upscaling the skills needed for leveraged datacenter investments. As well we successful hybrid deployment and well-managed public and private cloud environments.

Packages available:



 Target Audience



 Self-Paced (MOOC)

 Designed for general knowledge.

Appeals to those needing time flexibility.

  1. Free Azure Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)
  2. One Day ILT
  3. DMOC
  4. Exam voucher

 Expert-Guided (MOD)

 Appeals to those needing time flexibility, hands-on labs and general support.

Aligned to exams.

  1. Azure Microsoft On
  2. Demand (MOD) courses
  3. One Day ILT
  4. DMOC
  5. Exam voucher

Azure Exam prep

 Designed for those who have knowledge and would like to prepare for the exam with more time for Labs.
  1. Azure Exam prep 3Days
  2. DMOC
  3. Exam voucher

 Official MOC -ILT

Appeals to those needing intensive training over a short period of time with personalized instructor coaching.

Aligned to exams. 

  1. Azure Microsoft Official
  2. Courses (MOC)
  3. DMOC
  4. Exam voucher

Courses Available


Self-Paced (MOOC):

Expert-Guided (MOD)

Instructor-Led (MOC)