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Cisco Learning Credits

Cisco Learning Credits at Global Knowledge Saudi Arabia

Cisco Learning Credits (CLC) Program

Cisco Learning Credits are a convenient and efficient way to purchase and manage Cisco authorised training. Cisco Learning Credits can be purchased at the same time as your Cisco hardware, software or services, either directly from Cisco or from a Cisco reseller. Purchasing training at the start of your project/implementation helps to ensure your engineers have the knowledge required to complete a successful deployment of new products, as well as safeguarding your training budget.

The Cisco Learning Credit Program allows you to:

  • Identify training needs and secure training budget at the start of the project rather than as an add-on later.
  • Purchase Authorised Cisco Training from accredited Learning Partners. Global Knowledge provides training in a variety of delivery formats including - Instructor-Led in the Classroom, Instructor-Led over the web (Virtual Classroom), or Self-Paced e-Learning. We can also provide courses specifically designed to meet your company's requirements.
  • Streamline the administrative process and reduce the need for multiple order/budget requests.
  • Manage your training spend via the online Cisco Learning Credits Management Tool

Global Knowledge can help you to:

Develop a tailored training program that will identify the optimal number of CLC's required to achieve your project needs, allowing you to incorporate these requirements into your initial budget request.

How to Buy Cisco Learning Credits

Credits can be ordered along with your hardware, software, or services purchase or as a stand-alone item. Learning Credits are sold in packs of 10,100, 500, or 1500 and are valid for one year and can be redeemed individually.

Cisco Learning Credit Management Tool

The online Learning Credits Management Tool is a robust, easy-to-use tool that enables you to manage and track your Cisco Learning Credits 24x7. Information includes how many credits were purchased, when and where they were redeemed, the current account balance and when credits expire.

Contact Global Knowledge today to determine the most effective way to utilise your Learning credits.