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Application Development On-Demand

You asked and we listened. With self-paced Application Development On-Demand courses from Global Knowledge you get rich media content, hands-on activities and expert support - which means you can access quality learning content quickly and conveniently.

When it's time for a code review, you can even download the exercise, upload it when you are finished and then rely on instructor feedback to ensure you've grasped the skill at hand.  Choose from three month individual course subscriptions, 12-months of access to a technology-specific bundle or the entire digital Application Development collection.

Applications Development On-Demand Courses

Getting Started with Python (GK5165)
Getting Started with SQLAlchemy (GK5193)
Working with JSON data from Python (GK5195)
Python Apps with SQLite (GK5196)
Asynchronous Programming in C# (GK5295)
Patterns and Idioms in C++ (GK5243)
Pointers to Data and Functions in C (GK5213)
Embedded C Memory Management (GK5220)
Basics of STL in C++ (GK5237)
C++11 Core Language Enchancements (GK5238)
Develop C++ Applications (GK5242)
Getting Started with JavaScript (GK5245)
Source Control with TFS (GK5260)
Getting Started with Git (GK5255)
Consuming Services in .NET by Example (GK5280)
Getting Started with TypeScript (GK5247)

For more information on our Application Development On-Demand courses please contact us on +966 92000 9278 or email