Training Quality Survey 2014: Results & Analysis

Year Of Excellence Global Knowledge Saudi Arabia

This week we publish the results of the survey that targeted more than 4,800 trainees - who have attended their training programs at Global Knowledge Saudi Arabia in 2014. The survey was automatically sent to all customers/trainees after they accomplish their training programs, in the hope to get their detailed feedback on their training experience at Global Knowledge. For us, It’s not a merely survey, it is an annual review of how the customers who take their training courses at Global Knowledge Saudi Arabia – across all levels of seniority, and in a wide range of roles – feel about their training experience with us.

In 2014, we have delivered over 200 different training courses for 28 different technology providers-vendors-to more than 4,800 trainees from 210 different organizations, delivering an average of 43 training sessions a day over the year. The results show that most customers who attended their training programs at Global Knowledge, enjoyed and benefited from their training experience at Global Knowledge in 2014.

Indeed, we are very lucky to deliver our training services to our customers with our improved quality and to gain the trust of over 25 leading worldwide industry leaders e.g. Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, VMware and more. The quality of our training services is not fixed or provided by nature, therefore, we have listened to our customers, dedicated the vast majority of our resources to work hard to improve our quality. The sound of our customers has drawn an attention to the ways our training services are actively delivered.

This great number of trainees provided us a great opportunity to collect and analyze their evaluations precisely. Since we are a customer-focused organization, we always integrate our customers’ feedback to improve our learning  services as well as our associated services as a whole. Since the reviews on our business and the evaluations submitted by our customers are an integral part of our success. Hence, we believe that this information should not be confined to us, but to be shared with our customers and to the public to keep challenging ourselves.

In spite of our glittering awards from the leading technology providers that are so much a feature of the training industry, we feel proud to receive excellent feedback from our customers year over year.

The ratings of our customers in 2014:

  • 92% declared the excellence of our instructors
  • 90% will recommend our instructors for others
  • 92% will recommend Global Knowledge for further training programs
  • 93% stated that the training was related to their on-the-job application
  • 89% stated that their training was a worthwhile investment for themselves and their organizations
  • 91% stated that their training was a worthwhile investment in their career development
  • 89% stated that our training was built on real-world experiences and examples

    Richard Pryor-Jones, President-Europe,
    The Middle East and Africa, added, “I’m delighted to see the results of our 2014 customer and quality survey and the consistent feedback about the quality training that Global Knowledge KSA provide.  Most pleasing in the comments were the marks for our trainers, who I believe are some of the best in our industry and the comment that over 90% of our delegates believe the training was a worthwhile investment in their career. We believe our training adds real value to our delegates careers and their organizations business and it’s great to hear our customers agree“.

    Wael Khattab, Operations Director-The Middle East and Africa, added, “At Global Knowledge, we believe that applying the highest training industry-standards is the foundation of the effective training in which results a positive impact on both levels organizations and the individuals working in those organizations. We understand that the Saudi market has unique, various conditions and needs, hence, we understand the needs of our customers in Saudi Arabia and provide hands-on knowledge and experiences scoring the highest quality possible. Since we don’t consider our business in Saudi Arabia as an intermediary training organization between the world’s top technology providers and customers. We always deliver our various training solutions that make a positive difference to organizations, people and Saudi Arabia itself, furthermore, to be an added value to the world’s top-tier technology providers. And that’s one of the key factors of our success.”

    Alaa Saafan, Country Manager-Saudi Arabia, added, “Various customers and Saudi market insights are typically undertaken and reflected into our plans and actions to improve the effectiveness of our training solutions. There are pragmatic considerations in the choice of the way we intend to operate and interact with our customers in Saudi Arabia, those considerations don’t come from an intuitive sense of what will resonate with our customers, motivate and inspire their employees through our innovative training solutions. There is always a reassurance that the investments of our customers-demonstrated by their choice to get their business objectives achievable through our training solutions, are reasonably likely to reap an excellent return, and that’s what our recent research proved.”