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Free Assessments



We have developed free and quick online assessments to help you measure your knowledge and readiness for various certifications, technologies and exams. Our free assessments tool covers Cisco, CompTIA, ITIL, PMI, Red Hat and Business Analysis. As well as CCNA, Networking, Wireless, Project Management, Red Hat Linux, Unified Communications, VoIP and Telephony.


Business Analysis

Business Analysis Cert Check


Project Management

Project Management Cert Check



CCNA Cert Check


Red Hat® Linux

Red Hat Skills Test



A+ Preassessment

Network+ Preassessment


Unified Communications

Subnetting Challenge Test

TCP/IP Networking Preassessment


ITIL & IT Service Management

ITIL Cert Check


VoIP and Telephony

Subnetting Challenge Test

TCP/IP Networking Preassessment


Networking and Wireless

Networking Fundamentals Preassessment

TCP/IP Networking Preassessment


How it works?

You will walk through certification/technology exam-related questions that are randomly selected from an extensive set of skills-and ability-based questions. At the end of the assessment, you will receive a score that will rate your readiness to take either the certification itself or certification exam.
Note: To move forward in the survey please click the "Next" button. Please do not use your browser's back button.
Good luck!