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How TOGAF Delivers an Effective IT Architecture?

TOGAF represents the world's best practice in architecture development!

Professionals who design and implement corporate architectures using TOGAF are thus ensured of a design and a procurement specification that will greatly facilitate open systems implementation, and will enable the benefits of open systems to accrue to their organizations with reduced risk.

How TOGAF Delivers an Effective IT Architecture?

  • Developed by the members of The Open Group, a not-for-profit body consisting of the world's Fortune 1000 and the world's major IT vendors
  • Based on Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) open standards.
  • Genuinely vendor-neutral
  • Does not imply or favor any particular technology or computing paradigm
  • Backed by tools and professional services that are similarly independent of specific technology solutions, are practical, and reduce the costs of planning, designing, and implementing architectures based on open systems solutions
  • Developed by experienced users and vendors working in combination
  • Endorsed by a body representing 25% of the world’s computing purchasing power
  • Demonstrated to work in practice by leading user organizations, who have documented their experiences in case studies that are freely available for review
  • In the public domain

Specifically, use of TOGAF will:

  • Enable users to implement and gain the benefits of genuinely open systems solutions at reduced cost
  • Simplify the related processes of open systems design, planning, product procurement, and implementation
  • Help the IT function to better communicate its goals and strategy to corporate management

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