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5 Benefits of our TOGAF Training

TOGAF is The technical foundation of an effective IT strategy and a technology plan for managing your IT Investment.

Our TOGAF training provides a plan from which products can be procured, and systems developed that will work together to implement the overall system. Thus, TOGAF enables you to manage your IT investment in a way that meets the needs of your business.  

What Are the Specific Business Benefits?

The technical advantages that result from a good IT architecture bring important business benefits, which are clearly visible in the bottom line:

A more efficient IT operation

Better defined structure and modularity in the IT infrastructure lead to a much more efficient overall IT operation:

  • Lower software development, support, and maintenance costs
  • More application portability
  • Improved interoperability and easier system and network management
  • A better ability to address critical enterprise-wide issues like security
  • Easier upgrade and exchange of system components

Better return on existing investment, reduced risk for future investment

The structure of existing and planned systems is clearly defined, leading to:

  • Reduced complexity in IT infrastructure
  • Maximum return on investment in existing IT infrastructure
  • The flexibility to make, buy, or out-source IT solutions
  • Reduced risk overall in new investment, and the costs of IT ownership

Faster, simpler, and cheaper procurement

There is a clear strategy for future procurement and migration, with the result that:

  • Buying decisions are simpler, because the information governing procurement is readily available in a coherent plan.
  • The procurement process is faster - maximizing procurement speed and flexibility without sacrificing architectural coherence.

Flexibility for business growth and restructuring

It is much easier to ensure access to integrated information across the enterprise:

  • Maximum flexibility for business growth and restructuring
  • Real savings when re-engineering business processes following internal consolidations, mergers, and acquisitions

Faster time-to-market

An IT infrastructure much better equipped to support the rapid deployment of mission-critical business applications:

  • Faster time-to-market for new products and services, leading to:
  • Increased growth and profitability

    In short, an effective IT architecture can make the difference between business success and failure.  By investing in IT architecture, you are investing in:
  • Business success
  • Independence from suppliers
  • Control over your own destiny

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